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Cyberbullying in South Africa is Out of Control!

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Insurance company First for Women said a recent study among 4000 participants “reinforces the magnitude of this growing problem, with 64% of the participants believing that children are at risk”.

Last week, a 13-year-old pupil at Doornpoort Primary School in Pretoria committed suicide after being cyber-bullied.

The Gauteng Department of Education said a Grade 7 pupil threatened to distribute a video of the deceased Grade 6 pupil, depicted naked, through WhatsApp. The bullying continued for more than a week.

Scandal actress Mvelo Makhanya was also cyber-bullied last week. She was mocked for her “big head” and broke down on social media.

Expert on cyber-bullying and founder of SaveTNet Cyber Safety Rianette Leibowitz said: “Besides the alarming statistics, cyber-bullying has been the cause of many young people going as far as taking their own lives, with the impact causing a far-reaching ripple effect.”

First for Women’s Casey Rousseau said the extent of cyber-bullying in South Africa had prompted the women-centric insurer to launch the “first cyber-bullying insurance product in South Africa, which addresses the financial as well as legal burden of cyber-bullying”.

“Cyber-bullying is a crime - a hate crime that sees no sign of abating due to its ease. Bullies can hide behind the screen or a cellphone, and it can be completely anonymous. Putting the full might of the law behind the victims and eradicating the financial burden will no doubt go a long way to putting a stop to it completely.

“The costs of addressing cyber-bullying can be high, with lawyers charging around R3000 an hour for consultations alone. Also, in many instances, legal intervention is needed to put a stop to the bullying and bring the perpetrators to justice,” said Rousseau.


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