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Bullying Remains a Major Problem in SA Schools

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Bullying remains a serious issue in schools despite the Education Department declaring a zero-tolerance attitude towards it. Director of Communications at Western Cape Education Department, Bronagh Hammond, has responded to a parent whose contacted Cape Talk to say her daughter is being bullied.

She says she tried to speak to the principal at the school and claims nothing is being done to protect her child who is now so frightened she doesn't want to go to school.

Hammond encourages learners to report bullying when it first happens and says if they don't feel like reporting it they can call the hotline which is 0800 45 46 47. If parents feel that the school is not doing enough, they should contact the district office right away, says Hammond.

We keep hammering this to schools to please report incidents of either bullying or violence which hampers the safety of the learner so that we can provide the necessary interventions.


Bronagh Hammond, Director of Communications at Western Cape Education Department

We have psychologists and social workers that are dispatched to school and we have anti-bullying interventions in which we need to train the teachers on how to identify a learner that's being bullied and provide support.

Hammond says because of social media it is at times hard to manage to bullying in schools. She says they have initiated a campaign 'raise your voice and not your phone' to help learners deal more effectively with issues of bullying and not just rush to record with their phones when other learners are being bullied.

The stats of bullying are depressing. We have self-harm, depression and in some places even suicide. So it is a serious issue that not only we have to deal with through our interventions but the whole society.


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